Ethic Tech provides reliable, efficient and effective Physical Security Services to key Department of Defense facilities.  Ethic Tech Security Guards and Access Control Specialist are cross-trained and experienced in the technical and physical aspects of providing 24/7, 360-degree Facility and Area Security, entry-point control, and building systems monitoring.  Ethic Tech Security Forces have provided high-quality security services to the Space Missile Defense Command (SMDC) and the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) in Mechanicsburg, PA and Huntsville and Montgomery, AL.  

Key Areas of Expertise

24/7 Staffing - Trained and Experienced in State-of-the-Art Monitoring and Recording Systems - Proven Reliable, Continuous, and Thorough Surveillance and Recording of Areas of Interest - Entry Point Control - Professional Greeting and Visit Coordination- Visit Request processing- CAC verification- Physical security audits- surge and high threat support