Technology Development Directorate TDD- WDID BPA

Ethic Tech, LLC is one of seven companies awarded the WDID Blanket Purchase Agreement.

This Blanket Purchase Agreement is a centralized vehicle, which offers a wide array of research and development test equipment products, materials, and supplies; communications equipment; and other equipment required to support the WDID mission that may be used by WDID in developing new technical capabilities through the integrated use of these products and to fulfill customer requirements. These products are often specialized configurations of commercial equipment. This range of products and capabilities will include, but are not limited to, cameras and lenses; lasers; frequency analyzers and converters; lathes and other metalworking equipment; raw materials; laboratory equipment; electrical/electronic equipment and components; electro-mechanical equipment and components; communications equipment; and general and specialized support equipment required to accomplish the WDID technical mission.